Rust 1.35.0 - Trend Micro Thinks it's a Virus

Hello All, I am a complete noob working through the Rust book. For the past several weeks, I have been using version 1.34.1 & 1.34.2 with no issue on my work computer that has Trend Micro Security Agent.

I saw the note about 1.35.0 being released and updated to that. I get flagged by Trend Micro now for running Rustup, cargo, etc every time and have to click trend micro to allow to run. I have a second, similar computer with the same version of Trend Micro running rust 1.34.2 and it works fine with no issue.

Both of these are Windows 10 setups and I run Ubuntu at home so home is not a problem.
Any ideas on what I can check? Trend Micro itself is pretty locked up - I believe our admin has all of the access for it and the only thing I can do is to click "allow to run once" every time I want to use cargo etc.

Please report it to Trend Micro's support line; the vendors usually whitelist the package when this happens.

I think (I am not a Trend Micro employee, so I don't know if this will actually work) the best way to avoid this in the long term will be to sign the executables, so that Trend Micro can just whitelist Rust's key instead of having to whitelist every individual binary. This feature is on the backlog.


Of course, Rust is cancer.

JK. I Love Rust <3

Our Admin whitelisted Rust for me so I am all good now. Luckily, I use Ubuntu at home so I don't have to worry about this there...

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