Rust 1.0 launch event details (action required for event organizers)

Hey there, kind Rusticians.

The big day is almost here. Rust 1.0 is going to be released on 5/15, and that’s a tremendous accomplishment for our amazing worldwide community. So what better time to have a worldwide party? If you organize Rust meetups, consider scheduling one for launch day!

We’ll be distributing a new Rust t-shirt at these meetups. The supply will not be enough to fill demand so event organizers will have to decide how to distribute them equitably. SF for example may do a raffle, or otherwise hold some contest. Due to the logistics of shipping stuff we need to coordinate. If you are hosting a launch meetup please contact me to confirm and provide 1) a shipping address, 2) typical attendance, 3) special requests about sizes, etc. You may either post here or email me at I need this information next week.

Oh, and don’t fret if you don’t get one of the shirts: we’ll make them available for purchase online for those who don’t get one at a meetup.

I already have confirmations from SF, London and Toronto and have heard from a few more groups that have been contacted privately. As more events are confirmed I will provide updates and links to registration.

Let’s make this an unforgettable 1.0!


Note that, in the past, we’ve seen 60~70% of people signed up on actually show up.

We’ve put up our hands to host the first Melbourne (Australia) meetup. Now just waiting for volunteers for talks. Would be awesome to have this launch day.

I already volunteered. I could do two, something about the parsing stuff I’m doing. Or just screw it and give me the t-shirt already.

I wish there was a Salt Lake City, UT meetup organized. But I’ll get a t-shirt regardless :slight_smile:

Excited for 1.0 release!

@sargas You should organize one! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@sargas unfortunately, I’ll have just moved away from SLC. But if there’s the two of us, there might be more! You should talk to UTOS or such, and see if they can help with organizing. Or not, if you’d rather not. But definitely do something! If you send me a link to anything, I’ll forward it on to friends that would be interested in going.

Any want to plan a Boston meetup together? I have already contacted the Rust Boston club.

I’d be up for going to or helping out with a Rust Boston meetup/launch party.

Count me in for Boston.

I didn’t know there was a Rust Boston club!

We will host a launch event in Florence (Italy), more details by mail.

Would anyone be able to host an event in Chicago?

Just set up a page for a DC meetup!

If anyone is interested in hosting us (a venue), please contact me at :slight_smile:

The response has been really strong! Here are all the scheduled events I know of right now:

I have contact and shipping info for organizers of all these events, though I’m missing links to event details/signups for some. Let me know if you have that information.

If you are planning to host an event please let me know this weekend. We need to ship swag soon, and with the high demand there may not be enough for stragglers.

We plans a release event in Tokyo (we would use Mozilla Tokyo Office as the place). We have not yet open the event page, but we’ll open it until the early in next week.

I’ve been talking with some people about this, and today I created the Rust Madrid meetup: 3-4 people are most likely a sure thing, plus whoever we can attract. Anyone around here?

@brson I hope it’s not too late!

I’ve opened Tokyo meetup event page!:

I’ve opened Tokyo meetup event page!:

@brson I hope this is not too late. If you contact me, please use
I’m sorry that it’s too late to tell you about out event.

Moscow event:в-Москве/events/222092229/

That’s it all starts, right? I know at least another co-worker that is excited about Rust.