Running test from exactly one module

Hi! I am trying to implement "run the tests at the cursor" functionality in the IntelliJ Rust. One interesting problem I found is that it seems impossible to run the tests from exactly one module. Suppose I have

mod foo {
    fn test_foo() {}

    mod bar {
        fn test_bar() {}

If I run cargo test foo:: then the tests from bar will also be executed. Is there any way to execute only foo's tests?

cargo test foo::test_ will work if your test functions are all named as test_*. cargo test has no finer way to filter tests, so otherwise you probably need to name all tests manually.

This will be fine, but it seems there is no way to do this? That is, I cant cargo test "foo OR bar"

Yes there is no way. A test executable had once shipped with a regular expression library but that feature has been removed due to the removal of in-tree regex library. The current regex library is, while being maintained alongside with Rust itself, not distributed with Rust right now, so the test runner cannot use it.

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