Running rust on i386 systems

I might have come across not too clearly how trivial it was in the end!

After changing the one line in to pentium2 (from pentium4),
exporting CFLAGS=-march=pentium2 CXXFLAGS=-march=pentium2

and running the rust configure script with no fancy options (no local llvm!) is all it took. I have no idea if it'd be possible to go all the way down to i486 with no real patching.

(probably yes)

The problem I had initially encountered probably arose either because of the precompiled version of llvm 3.5 or the gcc version 4.7 present in the debian image and/or some mixing of different architecture code.

Only the necessity of emulation and its slowness using a premade image dictated these initial choices. In the end I used a windows laptop running linux from a USB stick. (and gcc 4.8)

No blog posts necessary :wink: