Running multiple binaries using cargo run

is there a way to run multiple binaries in a workspace using cargo run.
cargo run --bin auth-server --bin main-server returned error.

Thank you.

Just run them separately?

cargo run --bin auth-server & cargo run --bin main-server

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The first question is, what do you mean by "run multiple binaries"? Should they be run sequentially, or in parallel? Should the whole bunch of them be stopped if one fails, or just the one that failed? Should Ctrl+C propagate to all of them, or just to the last started one? Different answers will lead to different solutions, and that kind of thing is better done manually via the shell, not inside Cargo.


Yes ..... I wanted to know if it's possible inside cargo.
Either parallel or in sequence.... The cargo command didn't have any doc regarding that .... So asked to make sure

It is interesting how we try to do things with just "rust" when there are other solutions / tools for the same problems that have been perfectly fine before we used "rust"

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