Running a shell command to run a separate program as admin space character issue!

Normally via cmd this is the way to run a command and to run the thing as admin!

powershell -command "&{Start-Process -filepath 'cmd' -argumentlist '/c cmd.exe' -verb

Now when I try to runt he same thing with Rust,

// Running shell scripts
use std::process::Command;

fn main()
    let output = Command::new("powershell.exe")
    .arg(format!("-command \"&{{Start-Process -filepath 'cmd' -argumentlist '/c \"{}\"' -verb runas}}\"", "C:\\Users\\Joe\\Desktop\\testing 1\\testing.bat"))

    println!("{:?}", output);

It only works if there is no space character, but because there is a space character C:\\Users\\Joe\\Desktop\\testing 1\\testing.bat how would I fix this?

This looks like it would be solved by

I would have expected -command and the PowerShell code to go as separate .arg() calls. There are some other things you could try:

  • Use -EncodedCommand to pass Base-64 encoded PowerShell code as a separate argument.
  • Use -Command - to pass the PowerShell code via the program’s stdin.
  • Most reliably, but with a more complicated build process, use ShellExecuteW with its runas verb to skip using PowerShell at all.

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