Running a background task with Rocket

Say I have a Rocket app with some in-memory state like:


And since it's Send + Sync, it can be read by multiple request handlers on different threads at the same time:

fn index(cache: State<Cache>) -> Html { ... }

But now say I want to clear out old entries from the cache every 5 minutes. I already moved the Cache into the Rocket app, so I can't keep hold of it and run this in another thread. I could define an endpoint for it:

fn clear_cache(cache: State<Cache>) -> Status { cache.clear() }

But then I'd have to run some separate process just to make HTTP calls to this service, which seems messier than it should be.

So my question is: is there a way within Rocket to run background tasks that can access managed State?

I'd don't know much about racket or what Cache is, but documentation says that anything managed must implement Send+Sync, so you could just create a thread and pass there cache as well.
The thread would wait 5 min and clear the cache in infinite loop.

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