Run Rust on your embedded device from VSCode in one click

Hey all!

In our latest blog post, we show how easy it is to use Rust Analyzer, VSCode, and probe-run to execute code directly from your editor!

probe-run is the first public tool released as part of our sponsor-driven knurling-rs efforts!

Our most recent release, v0.1.2 also added support for backtraces on hard-float targets as well. Happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:


How cool is that?!

Does it by any chance work with the STM32 F4 Discovery board?

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Definitely! Probe-run is compatible with the ST-Link debugger and STM32F4 chip out of the box. Pretty much any common debugger/Arm MCU should work flawlessly :slight_smile:


Just now blowing the dust off my Discovery board...

Looks like I'm going to be diverted from real work for some days now... :slight_smile:


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