Rubik's Cube Library "rubikmaster"

Hello, I am currently developing Rubik's cube library. If you are looking for a library to develop Rubik's cube application this will be a good one. Thank you.

Here is a demo of a Yew component. I use WebGL2 to draw cube in canvas.


Much improved ! Don't forget to color the portions of internal cube faces that are exposed when twisting the cube. (They are currently black, but they should be the neutral color of the base material of the cube.)

Thank you.

But I am new to graphics and I don't get what you mean by

neutral color of the base material of the cube.

I paint the internal faces in black because my cubes are so. If you tell me how to change, I will do so.

I guess it would look better if the cube wasn’t the same color as the blackground. Black cube sound fine if you want that, but then perhaps make the background dark grey or so. Right now your demo looks a bit like the cube’s stickers are free-floating in space.


That makes sense. I changed the background color to gray.

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