Rubigo: Golang vendor utility and package manager

Rubigo is a dependency tool and package manager for Golang, written in Rust.


I'm curious, what led you to choose to implement the package manager in Rust instead of, say Go?

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a package manager is considered to work as an standalone application, so it could be written in any language, especially in Rust which is a good candidate for writing system applications.
However, I wanted to start a project with Rust to learn more and I needed a package manager for Golang, so I decided to write it in Rust to get two birds with one stone :slight_smile:


So Go vs Rust... what are your thoughts so far?

You know.. could be an interesting approach to recruiting people from other languages. Expose them to Rust via Open source tools that are written in Rust.

Also great would be transpilers that help convert code in other languages into Rust. In order to make it a reasonable project, would probably require some manual guided work on their end.