Rstk 0.1.0 published: a Rust/Tk binding

rstk provides a Rust-Tk binding. Tk is suitable for creating simple GUI programs or interactive graphical displays. This crate supports a large portion of the Tk API, including tklib's plotchart, in a generally rust-like style.

For documentation and examples see: Peter's Scrapbook: RSTK: Rust/Tk library

All the basic Tk widgets are included: buttons, canvas, frames, labels, menu, radio_button, text etc. Also, through plotchart, it's possible to draw bar charts, pie charts, 3D plots, xy-plots, gantt-charts, etc.

A 'hello world' example:

use rstk::*;

fn main() {
  let root = rstk::start_wish().unwrap();

  let hello = rstk::make_label(&root);
  hello.text("Hello from Rust/Tk");



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