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I was looking of a way to track down new releases of some of the package dependencies I use in projects. Browsing on, I was not able to find any RSS feed to subscribe to. I see there is a follow button, but I'm trying to get away of email for such notifications. Any idea?

Explored solutions


I tried to see if this was better on but I was not able to find any RSS feed either.

Through a web parser (like Feed43)

The problem with this solution is that actually does generate the HTML dynamically if I understand correctly, so the HTML on doesn't have the needed content before JS evaluation (or at least, that's what I understand).

Note: I also tried Feed43 on This was the closest I was from something working but for some reason, it was missing some entries, the parser is a bit cryptic to me.

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Have you tried the index? Maybe you can parse what you want from there?


Thank you for your answers. I feel like both solutions would give me every single update of every package on which would be tons of notifications. Is there a way to subscribe only to one package?

The follow button doesn't cause any email. It only adds the crate's releases to a list on your "dashboard" page.

So, your request could be framed simply as "expose the dashboard in RSS format".

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I've got a feed on, but it's a firehose of all releases:

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