RoyalGuard -- Command Line Password Manager

made an ergonomic cli password manager. i know, it sounds lame but this time, its different.
the reason why i call it "ergonomic" is that it has its own sql-like dsl

No installation required. just download the binary and run it.

the reason i made it CLI and not GUI is because GUIs get out of fashion in a few years. they start looking old and clunky. they age like milk. but CLIs are timeless. they just don't age. they still look flawless even after decades.

now i have a forever free, secure and opensource alternative to commercial password managers that can change their pricing plans overnight

look what happened to lastpass LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month - The Verge

the good thing about this is that i stores all info in a single encrypted file that is easy to backup (to say, google drive)

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