Ros_rust to publish data to another computer

I want to use rosrust for publishing data to another computer (where ros will be running). How can I do so by using this crate (GitHub - adnanademovic/rosrust: Pure Rust implementation of a ROS client library)
I am using current code to publish data into the same system.

fn main() {
    // Initialize node

    // Create publisher
    let chatter_pub = rosrust::publish("chatter", 100).unwrap();

    let mut count = 0;

    // Create object that maintains 10Hz between sleep requests
    let rate = rosrust::rate(10.0);

    // Breaks when a shutdown signal is sent
    while rosrust::is_ok() {
        // Create string message
        let mut msg = rosrust_msg::std_msgs::String::default(); = format!("hello world {}", count);

        // Send string message to topic via publisher

        // Sleep to maintain 10Hz rate

        count += 1;

I figure out that It is essential to run rosbridge on the computer where you want to send data to. After installing rosbridge using the following command sudo apt-get install ros-<rosdistro>-rosbridge-server and launching using the command roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch it was working perfectly. I would like to suggest to take care of the port number as rosbridge usually use 9090 and any different port number in the code could lead to error.

I am closing this issue as it has been solved. If the problem persists, please comment and the issue will be reopened if appropriate.

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