Rocket web framework status

Hello folks,

I'm currently reviewing Rust web frameworks as potential solutions for a project. The Rocket framework has caught my eye in particular for its nice use of attributes to match requests and paths to functions/methods.

However, according to the 0.5.0-rc.1 release has been out for 8 months now, and no sign of 0.5.0 final release, despite this blog post stating that it was planned for release by 18 June 2021.

AFAICS the most recent updates to any branch in the Rocket git repo were 6 months ago.

So ... can anyone give any insight into current project status for Rocket, prospects for future stable releases, and so forth? I have no problems starting with the rc release if it's well crafted and the project will be moving forward, but I'd rather not build my own projects on top of something that is stale or on indefinite hiatus.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks and best wishes,

-- Joe

The project's main developer needed to take a break for personal reasons, but has indicated that he'll resume development in early March.

A good place to ask questions about Rocket is the channel on the Matrix network.


Thanks, much appreciated!

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