Rocket routes: struct fn instead of global fn demonstrates how to register global functions as routes.

In my case, this doesn't quite work. I need to create an (expensive) object. After creating this object, it can then serve routes. Is there a way to do this with rocket?

Here's what rocket shows so far:

[macro magic]
pub fn some_handler(input data) -> output {

Here's what I need:

pub struct MyHandlerObj {};
impl MyHandlerObj {
  pub fn new() -> MyHandlerObj {
    // this is expensive, don't want to do it on every REST request

  pub fn handler(&self or maybe &mut self, HTTP input) -> HTTP output {
    // this here is the actual handler

Is there a way to do this using Rocket?

Of course. Your struct is "managed state" which is documented for Rocket in the "State" section of the guide.

By way of a bigger example, in outline, I light up my Rocket like so:

    // Instantiate the data model.
    let model = Model {
        // Whatever initialization
    // Launch rocket with state to manage, in model, and some routes.
    let rocket = rocket::ignite()

My "Model" there is a complicated struct with methods:

// Some data model for Rocket to use a state
struct Model {
    // Whatever struct fields.

impl Model {
    // Function(s) to be used by Rocket route
    fn get(&self) -> WhateverType {

The model gets used by a routes like so:

fn api_trips(model: State<Model>) -> Json<Trips> {
    // Get whatever from the model
    let stuff = model.get();

You can call .manage() on rocket many times with different structs.


"Managed State" is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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