Rocket as a service

We now have a Rocket app running as a Windows service, where stopping the service sets the service to pending stop state until Rocket has performed a clean shutdown. I mention this because it made me a happy camper, and having this is a good way to start 2021.

Do you need help with something, or are you just sharing your experience? Only asking because you put this under the "help" topic.

No, I wanted to post it under "uncategorized". When I noticed it was under "help" I tried to change it to "uncategorized", but apparently it didn't stick? Sorry for the noise. Thank you @cole-miller for fixing it.

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No problem! I'd have changed it myself, but it wasn't quite clear enough for me to want to do that unilaterally.

Hopefully my implementation of the graceful shutdown works well :slightly_smiling_face:

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