Robigalia: build Rust applications for the seL4 microkernel


On behalf of the Robigalia project I am pleased to announce our first public
release of the core libraries for using Rust on seL4. Currently, this consists
of a raw interface akin to libsel4 and a higher-level “Rustic” interface.
Currently, only x86 is supported. An ARM port is in progress.

seL4 is a formally-verified microkernel. A microkernel provides the minimum necessary features for security and separation, enabling drivers and higher-level runtimes to be built in userspace, where they can be isolated. Naturally, I want to pair it with Rust in the userland, instead of C.

We have a website:

And a mailing list:

The goal of the Robigalia project is to promote Rust as a robust choice for application development on seL4 and has the long-term goal of producing Robigo, a POSIX-compatible personality on seL4. We’re in the initial stages of development. We are primarily a group of students from Clarkson University, though other contributors are starting to trickle in.

I wasn’t ready to release this for at least another week, but someone posted it to HN and it’s been spreading from there, so I figured I may as well post it here.