RLTK error : method not found in `wide::m_f32x4::f32x4`

Im trying to use RLTK on windows.
As well Im new to Rust.

main.rs file
extern crate rltk;

use rltk::{Rltk, GameState};

struct State {}

impl GameState for State {
    fn tick(&mut self, ctx: &mut Rltk) {
        ctx.print(1, 1, "Hello Rust!");   

fn main() -> rltk::BError {
    use rltk::RltkBuilder;

    let context = RltkBuilder::simple80x50()
    .with_title("Roguelike Rust 01")

    let gs = State{};

    rltk::main_loop(context, gs)


rltk = "0.8.0"

and I get the following error when I start: cargo run into Windows 10 Terminal App. I have all gcc installed using cygwin, and as well VisualStudio C++ libs.

a workaround solution.

cargo clean
cargo update -p wide --precise 0.4.3
cargo run

That's totally my bad!

using sin_cos used to require the standard library, and then i put in what i thought was a function for sin_cos without neeing the stdlib version, and it all kinda looked correct, so i shipped it as no longer needed std. Then like, 6 months later (earlier this week) someone filed a bug showing a graph where part of the period of the functions is just totally messed up. Rather than trying to fix the bug out of the blue, i reverted things so that now it requires the standard library feature again.

I've been trying to stay on top of this disruption with Fusha (the ultraviolet author), but it's possible that something slipped through the cracks and i need to yank another version or something. I'll double check tomorrow.

sorry for trouble!

Thanks for your solution, below worked. Im glad to see you responded so fast, even in so late at night for you. Thanks for giving us great tutorials and libs :slight_smile:

using wide 0.4.3 will have issues with circles calculations.

wide = { version = "0.4.5", features = ["extern_crate_std"] }

Again as mentioned by @Lokathor on discord:

yeah crate features are global to a build
so anyone, anywhere, can turn them on, and then all crates see it as on
(which is how you can turn on features of a crate you're not directly using)

hope this helps for anyone like me who has just started into Rust.

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