RLS rustc crashes on nightly

I probably should have submit a bug report, but I don’t know where is appropriate.

Anyway, I use VS Code with Rust(rls) extension to write code for a repo that uses Nightly Rust.

cargo +nightly build on terminal works just fine, but RLS fails to compile.

Log file: https://gist.github.com/KSXGitHub/e5bfc39f2411fa17eca6f4cbe54cdaa8

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the extension and this setting on VS Code.
  2. Clone https://github.com/svenstaro/miniserve/ and open its Cargo.toml and src/main.rs on VS Code with RUST_BACKTRACE environment variable set to 1.
git clone https://github.com/svenstaro/miniserve/ miniserve
cd miniserve
env RUST_BACKTRACE=1 code Cargo.toml src/main.rs
  1. A file named rls<number>.log should appear.

You should probably submit it to https://github.com/rust-lang/rls