RLS component is not available for rustc 1.54.0-nightly

I was trying out the rust nightly channel and doing rustc for nightly channel gives "rustc 1.54.0-nightly (8cf990c9b 2021-05-15)". But, rls seems to be not available. rls --version gives the following error: "error: the 'rls' component which provides the command 'rls.exe' is not available for the 'nightly-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc' toolchain"

Due to the above issue, VSCode always complains!

Need help to resolve the issue. Thank you.

I don't know about this issue in particular, but is there a reason why you're using RLS instead of Rust Analyzer? It has far surpassed RLS in terms of accuracy, performance and features and as far as I know RLS development is effectively halted. You can use it with a VS Code extension, which automatically downloads and setups Rust Analyzer.

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Sometimes tools do break on nightly, because they depend on compiler-internal interfaces, but they're maintained in separate repos via git submodule. You can see the current state here:


Thanks for pointing it out to the resource. I see that RLS build is broken.

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