Rkyv : mutate u64 field after archiving?

Not sure how to handle the following error:

cannot borrow data in dereference of ArchivedVec<ArchivedStrt> as mutable
trait DerefMut is required to modify through a dereference, but it is not implemented for `ArchivedVec

for the following code:

#[derive(Archive, Deserialize, Serialize, Default)]

enum Hm {


#[derive(Archive, Deserialize, Serialize, Default)]

struct Strt {
    what: String,
    how: u64,
    hm: Hm,

#[derive(Archive, Deserialize, Serialize, Default)]

struct MyStruct {
    vec: Vec<Strt>,
    p: u32,

fn main() {
    const ARBITRARY_VALUE: u64 = 3;

    let mut buffer: MyStruct = Default::default();

    buffer.p = 55;

    for i in 0..ARBITRARY_VALUE {
        let mut s: Strt = Default::default();

        s.how = 65 + i;

        s.what = format!("Test {}", i);


    let mut u: AlignedVec = rkyv::to_bytes::<MyStruct, 1024>(&buffer).unwrap();

    let z = unsafe { rkyv::archived_root_mut::<MyStruct>(std::pin::Pin { pointer: &mut u }) };

    for i in z.vec.iter_mut() { <- issue is here
        // try to update this value
        i.how += 5;

What I want is to modify the how value for testing purposes.
I tried to put different types to see how it behaves for later mutations.
Should I modify the Strt::string, it would only be for less than or equal size data.

Is there an automatic DerefMut implementation I could rely on ? Is there a derivable I forgot?

Sorry guys, I couldn't put my example in a playground, because of the absence of rkyv in the playground libs (apparently).


It looks like you want pin_mut_slice.

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I am really sorry,

All my attempts failed to retrieve the pin_mut_slice

I don't get how to write my code so it appears
Anything special to import ?

The issue being that ArchivecVec should let me access the pin_mut_slice, but doesn't.

Reusing the code in the first post, I should have it to available when writing z.vec.pin_mut_slice() but I don't.

What is the correct way to retrieve it ?

Using rkyv::vec::ArchivedVec::pin_mut_slice(Pin::new(&mut z.vec )); looked promising but now I have

`PhantomPinned` cannot be unpinned
consider using the `pin!` macro
consider using `Box::pin` if you need to access the pinned value outside of the current scope

I don't know how to work that out. That's beyond me.
If someone could show a working example I would be very grateful.

For those interested, this is the working code:

impl ArchivedMyStruct {
    pub fn vec_pin(self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> Pin<&mut ArchivedVec<ArchivedStrt>> {
        unsafe { self.map_unchecked_mut(|s| &mut s.vec) }
//... other code above...
let o = unsafe { 
    z.as_mut().vec_pin().pin_mut_slice().get_unchecked_mut()  <- this get_unchecked_mut did the trick

for i in o.iter_mut() {
    i.how += 100;

for i in z.vec.iter() {
    println!("{}", i.how);

I had a hard time finding this one but now, looking at it, it looks so simple...


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