RIT: Rust Interpreter Toolkit

  • What projects can be treated as a reference design for making a language-agnostic interpreter toolkit?
  • Is it possible to make a VM that mixes Pythonic class-based OOP with Erlang/Elixir runtime semantics?
  • Is Rust can be abstract enough to write programming languages in a declarative and abstract manner, maybe closer to Asf+Sdf or K toolkit?

The straightforward answer is that yes, you can use Rust to implement such an interpreter toolkit.

Rust's type system is more than flexible enough and a multitude of programming languages have been implemented in it. Python is an OO language and its primary implementation is in C, a language which, like Rust, doesn't allow inheritance. As far as your interpreter is concerned, an inheritance hierarchy is just another tree.

You'll need to think hard about designing your toolkit in a way that lets you do what you want, but that's an architecture issue, not a language one.

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