RIIR: Font Finder Rust Implementation of TypeCatcher

GitHub: https://github.com/mmstick/fontfinder

Have you RIIR'd a project lately? I've just took some time out of Ion shell development to create a Rust implementation of the Python TypeCatcher application. It took about two days.

Font Finder is a GTK3 application for browsing fonts on Google's font archive, and simply installing them into your desktop. The UI supports filter fonts by search & category, and a WebKit preview of editable sample text.

I haven't published it to Crates.io though, because of the git dependency on the latest git of the gtkrs crates, to get access to the new, unreleased webkit2gtk crate. So for the moment, you can install it like so:

cargo install --git https://github.com/mmstick/fontfinder

Note that you'll need to ensure that you have GTK and Webkit2Gtk development libraries installed before compiling this. For Solus, this is:

sudo eopkg it libgtk-3-devel libwebkit3-gtk-devel