Right way to reuse code in rust

What is the best way to reuse code in rust ?
For example in c++ if I want multiple classes to share common functionality(bunch of functions) I will just use inheritance but rust do not provide that options.
There is two ways that come to my minds that I can work around this

  • define derive macro that will reimplement those function for the deriving class which could be overkill in my case and also could increase the size of the executable because I will have the same code multiple times
  • create empty struct with all of the functions and compose it whenever I need. This shouldn't have draw backs other then non-intuitive use

Any other suggestion how to reuse code ?

For the most part, you just write functions that call other functions. OO-like "code reuse" conflates interface inheritance and implementation inheritance, and Rust requires you to think a bit more about what parts of your code are shared interface and what parts are shared implementation.


Rust replaces data inheritance with composition. If the class you are inheriting from in C++ has no data members, it corresponds to your second solution. I don't think in one language is less intuitive than in the other. Rust explicitly supports structs with no data members as unit structs.

Have you read chapter 7 of the book. Specifically this section might help. I don't understand it fully myself, but it does have the words "inheritance" and "code sharing".

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Why not have freestanding functions ? There's no need to attach functions to a particular struct. If you want to use the struct for "namespacing", you can use a module for that.

I think they're getting at a pattern something like

pub trait UsefulThings {
    fn swizzle(&self, _: Vec<f32>);
    fn frob(&self, _: String);

pub struct StrategyOne;
impl UsefulThings for StrategyOne { /* ... */ }

pub struct StrategyTwo;
impl UsefulThings for StrategyOne { /* ... */ }

pub struct ActuallyUsedThing<T>(T);
impl<T: UsefulThings> ActuallyUsedThing<T> { /* ... */ }

Where you choose an implementation by choosing a struct.

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