Rewrite in Rust


chase away those Monday blues this April fool’s with a song

To the tune of The Greatest Showman – Rewrite the Stars (Zac Efron, Zendaya)
alternate lyrics by Azriel

You know I am mut
There’s not a borrow I try to hide
I know you’re Copy
So don’t keep saying our refs are tied
You claim that it’s just too hard
FFI is pulling you miles away
But still in reach from C
And you’re here on my $PATH
So who can stop me if I decide
That you’re my library?

What if we rewrite in Rust?
Safety as part of design
Races are a thing of the past
Everything caught at compile time
It’s up to you, and it’s up to me
The best thing is still the community
So why don’t we rewrite in Rust?
Maybe our app will be fast

You think it’s easy
You think I don’t want to match on you
But these are macros
And there are patterns we can’t pass through
I know you’re wondering why
Because we’re able to leave
the legacy
Within these walls
But when we implement try
You’ll write an RFC that waits on ! (never) after all

No one can rewrite in Rust
Such confidence at compile time?
And missing IDE support
And a good crate name is hard to find
It’s not up to you
It’s not up to me
When many things still are in RFC
How can we rewrite in Rust?
So that the world can be fast

All I want is to try! with you
All I want is to fail with you
Now I await! all of you
It feels impossible (it’s not impossible)
Is it impossible?
Say that it’s possible

How do we rewrite in Rust?
As its usage continues to climb
The books give you a headstart
Sometimes the search function actually finds
It’s up to you
And it’s up to me
To implement the approved RFCs
And why don’t we rewrite in Rust?
Changing the world to be ours

I run unsafe-ly
It’s not a secret I try to hide
But I want safety
We’re bound to break across FFI

It’s April 1 in NZDT, so this may reach you a bit earlier :smile:



*clap clap clap*



Once you know the melody you can go to and sing it on your own :wink: Please make a video out of it!