Review of a simple SDL2/Emscripten example

Being completely new to Rust, I was interested in SDL2 graphics bindings, especially since it seemed like it could work with the web in conjunction with emscripten. While there are several tutorials out there describing how to get the SDL2 bindings to work with emscripten, it appears that most of them have stopped working over the years as things have changed. I eventually got things figured out, so I thought I'd write up a little something to potentially keep the next person from tripping over the same issues. It is not a tutorial, just a minimal working example. If you have any pointers on a step I may have overlooked, or something doesn't look quite right, I would be interested in hearing more. The example is over at: GitHub - gregbuchholz/RuSDLem: A minimal Rust program using SDL2 to target Emscripten and the web


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