Reusing struct for model and extractors in SQLX/Axum server

I'm Using SQLX and Axum for a project, and I want to be able to use the same struct that serves as model definition for querying in several handlers/controllers. The problem is, if a field or more is missing from the struct, the application returns an error, so far I create several struct for each use case but, the code is becoming a big mess. Is there any work around.

Here is My code showing defining several struct for different use case.

/// define the user data structure that shall serve as the basis of serial
/// implement debug, serialize, deserializing and #[derive(sqlx::FromRow to make the struct operable 
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize, sqlx::FromRow, Clone)]
#[serde(rename_all = "camelCase")]
pub struct UserModel {
    ///the user uniques identifier
    pub id: Uuid,
    /// the user firstname
    pub firstname: Option<String>,
    /// the user lastname
    pub lastname: Option<String>,
    /// the user middle name
    pub middlename: Option<String>,
    ///the user fullname
    pub fullname: Option<String>,
    /// the user name
    pub username: Option<String>,
    ///the user email
    pub email: Option<String>,
    /// the user account status
    pub account_status: Option<AccountStatus>,
    /// the user date of birthday
    pub date_of_birth: Option<NaiveDateTime>,
    /// the user gender
    pub gender :Option<UserGender>,
    /// the user profile picture URL
    pub avatar: Option<String>,
    /// the String data type is used in storing phone number to allow storing it with country code 
    /// example +44632900, +2342940474
    pub phone_number : Option<String>,
    /// the user password, 
    /// in deserializing the user data,
    ///  don't return the password when fetching the user data
    pub password: Option<String>,
    /// the date the account was created 
    pub created_at :Option<NaiveDateTime>,
    /// the last date the account information was updates 
    pub updated_at : Option<NaiveDateTime>,
    /// the last login  date 
    pub last_available_at : Option<NaiveDateTime>

///user authorization information
/// to be used for making login and sign up requests
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize, sqlx::FromRow, Validate)]
pub struct UserAuthCredentials {
    //the user email
    pub email: String,
    ///the user password
    #[validate(length(min = 8))]
    pub password: String,
    /// the user fullname set to optional to allow use of struct for bothe login and sign up
    pub fullname: Option<String>,

///the user information is derived from the user model
/// it shall be responsible for providing the user information such as in JWT encryption
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize, sqlx::FromRow, Validate)]
pub struct UserInformation {
    /// the user email
    pub email: String,
    /// the user password
    pub password: String,
    /// the user unique username
    pub username: Option<String>,
    /// the user fullname
    // #[validate(length(min = 1 "cannot be empty"))]
    pub fullname: Option<String>,

Use the From trait to convert from one model to another. NEVER mark a sensitive field such as password to skip serialisation. This is extremely error-prone and a risk that must be mitigated at all costs.

is the trait in SQLX or Axum?

In Rust's standard library.

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