Reusing components in YEW

I have a component Layout that draws the whole layout and delegates the inner frame.

let inner = html!{<Counter: initial=0/>}
html!{<div class="layout">{inner}</div>} 

Now, what I really want to do is change that inner variable depending on the current Model State, to be a counter or any other component, whatever is the current tab selected.
The problem I have is that every time I change the current tab and thus redraw the layout, and then change it again and go back to the previous tab/component the component itself is recreated, not reused, so, if the counter was at 8, now it goes back to be 0.
Is there anyway to save a built component and redraw that component in place when required or is the component recreation mandatory?
How can I keep the count then between tab changes? Do I need to use the Layout component contents and initialize the Counter with the appropriate values every time?