Restricting tests/examples to unix

I have those in my Cargo.toml:

name = "quitting_gio"
required-features = ["use_gio", "unix"]
target = "unix"

name = "nested_requests_gio"
target = "unix"
required-features = ["use_gio", "localspawn"]

Trouble is, cargo ignores the target keys, and tries to run those on windows as well (e.g. when trying cargo check --examples). I've read the documenation I could find and asked google for hints, but somehow this is eluding me. Is what I want achieveable somehow? Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:

Maybe something like [target.'cfg(target_env = "unix")'.example]

You can also add #![cfg(unix)] at the top of the file to simply compile an empty example on windows.

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Alas, that did not work out, cargo simply complains about this as an "unused key".

Huh, better than nothing. Thanks!