Resources about implementing XPath

Are there any resources that explain how a modern version of XPath is implemented?

I wonder if there is an AOSA article for XPath. In essence a mix between a high level overview and important low level details?

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I sincerely doubt it. I've done a lot of work implementing
a proprietary XQuery (which incorporates XPath as a subcomponent) interpreter, and when I started a about 3 years ago nothing like that was available.

If I were tasked with doing this, I would start from the design of open source C implementations. They are written in a language that is similar in optimization and structure (though I may be biased by a C background).

Here's what a quick search turned up:


Thanks, those are some insightful posts!

Does anyone know what Firefox uses for its XPath selectors? IIRC CSS selectors use Bloom filters to speed up selection.