Reqwest: Adding Form Fields in a Loop

I'm trying to construct a multipart body for a POST request using the reqwest library. If I knew all of the fields ahead of time, I can simply call form.text("key", "value") numerous times; however, I don't. I'm trying to loop over a HashMap and insert these pairs:

    let mut form = reqwest::multipart::Form::new();

    for (k,v) in fields.into_iter() {
        let mut form = form.text(k, v);

However, I get the following error:

error[E0382]: use of moved value: `form`
  --> src/
72 |     let mut form = reqwest::multipart::Form::new();
   |         -------- move occurs because `form` has type `reqwest::multipart::Form`, which does not implement the `Copy` trait
75 |         let mut form = form.text(k, v);
   |                        ^^^^ value moved here, in previous iteration of loop

To get around the use-after-move, I tried inserting clone(); however, that's not implemented for Form. So is there any way to programatically add these key/value pairs?

Change this to form = ..., you are accidentally shadowing the original form binding.