Request for two more release channels

I have one FreeBSD (HardenedBSD11) and another Linux-musl system where downloading+using or downloading+building Rust releases is not very practical. In either case, if I were to try bootstrapping Rust (or Cargo), then the build uses a specific nightly (in Rust's case) to bootstrap itself, which requires running a glibc Rust nightly downloaded from

I've considered preparing and reusing old releases, in order to do this on each stable release, but because stable releases are bootstrapped with nightly snapshots, this is impossible to do, unless you want to go through many nightly bootstraps first (to arrive at the required nightly), or find a way to run the nightly snapshot via some glibc compat or linux emulation layer.

The question or feature request is this: Can we please have FreeBSD and Linux-musl amd64 release channels? It can be a tier2 channel.

I think this question is better asked over at

I think there's some small confusion in terminology here: release channels are "stable", "beta", and "nightly". You seem to want official releases for these two platforms, which would still be part of all three channels. Right?

Right. Due to the hurdles mentioned above, adding linux-musl-amd64 and {free/hardened}bsd-amd64 to the official list of builders would be a huge improvement in providing Rust (and Cargo) for non-glibc (, non-Windows) platforms.

@steveklabnik, do you think is a better place to discuss this?

I do, given that it's more about the development process itself than using Rust.

Okay, done.

Link to the discussion on internals (for posterity)

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