Request for testing arc-swap 0.4


I’ve reached the time when I needed to make some breaking changes to the arc-swap API. So I’ve decided to bundle few other cleanups with it too.

But before I release a 0.4.0 version and hope it’ll stay the same for some more time, I’d like few other people to have a look at it. Could someone try it out or read the docs and comment if there’s a room for improvements? I’m quite confident it works function-wise, I’m just not sure about the API being comfortable and intuitive.

I also plan to rework the documentation a bit, but that can be changed in a patch version update, so it’s not in a hurry.

So, here’s a link for a pre-release version:

If you find anything, answering here or creating an issue on the git repo ( works.

Thank you :slight_smile:


First, the C++ shared_ptr can act this
way. The fact that it’s only the surface API and all the implementations I could find hide a mutex inside

It is not clear what do you mean. Do you mean that the most shared_ptr implementation uses mutex inside?

Not for „normal“ operations like cloning it.

But things like std::atomic_load(&atomic_ptr) do, at least in the gcc implementation. I didn’t invest the time to figure out exactly what everything uses the mutex.

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