Request for review of a single line of unsafe code in async_executors

I am polishing a new crate async_executors for first release. l have a single line of unsafe code and would much appreciate it if someone a bit of experience in unsafe review it.

There is an issue open on safety-dance, but no luck so far. It would be nice to post any conclusions over there.

Thanks in advance!

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I guess it looks ok. Note that once you spawn it on the runtime, you can't move the runtime between threads, so the fact that your TokioCt contains a Rc, making it non-Send and Sync is important.

Also, that's some serious whitespace you've got going on there.

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Thanks for having a look.

Yes, I re-added a comment about that on the Rc, which had been lost in translation (at some point it had PhantomData<*const fn()>).

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