Reproducable sha256 of hashmap

Hi everybody

I am just taking my first steps with Rust.
I coded some functions and with the help of the Cookbook and the Rust Book, all the functions are working as I expect! With the exception of one function.

I try to calc a sha256 of a hashmap. So I coded a small test case:


    fn calc_sha256_of_document_1( ){

        let x : u16 = 34566;

        let mut document: HashMap<String, String>  = HashMap::new();
        document.insert( String::from("random"), x.to_string() );
        document.insert( String::from("doc_type"), String::from("Test document type") );
        document.insert( String::from("name"), String::from("Mike") );
        println!("document: {:?}",document );

        let digest: Digest = calc_sha256_of_document(&document).unwrap(); // call my own function

        let hash = HEXUPPER.encode(digest.as_ref());
        let s = String::from("B755BA07226A25E48C9EC854D60BA4811446F58CD55D52DFC0C6BADF11228B74");

        println!("h: {:?}", hash);
        println!("s: {:?}", s);    

        assert!( s.eq(&hash) );


and the function is:

fn calc_sha256_of_document( doc: &HashMap<String, String> ) -> Result<Digest> {

    let mut context = Context::new(&SHA256);

    for (key, val) in doc.iter() {




To my surprise the function returns a different value almost every time.
I don't understand waht I'm doing wrong, so any help would be appreciated...

I'm using the following crate:

use ring::digest::{Context, Digest, SHA256};

Thanks in advance

When you iterate through a hash map, you get the values in random order, but changing the order changes the hash. Consider using a BTreeMap, which always has the keys in sorted order.


Hi alice

what for a shame, I'm so stupid.
I have the same behaviour in another language....
So it's not a Rust issue, it's my mind

Thank you very much for your very fast answer ...


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