Reporting telemetry to datadog

Folks, does anyone has any experience with telemetry on production? Specifically, a Tokio based project reporting to Datadog. Datadog notably understands both stated + open telemetry.

I've yet to try it so no experience. What are you trying to achieve? Connect it all together? I'd use:

There is also

my goal (midterm at least) is to report metrics to datadog. no tracing needed atm. and since I am using Tokio in the project I was curious how to stitch it all together. feels a bit like unexplored territory,

I haven't used datadog but it doesn't seem difficult to send arbitrary data to it, a combination of reqwest and rmp should work, that's what opentelemetry-datadog does.

Our approach at work is to expose everything as Prometheus data (via HTTP) and then let whichever monitoring tool collect metrics. Looks like it should work in your case as long as you can express all metrics in Prometheus: Introducing Prometheus Support for Datadog Agent 6 | Datadog

it does seem like the Prometheus exported is more mature and a little more documented.

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