Remotia - A pure Rust remote rendering framework

Hello everyone!

I'm Lorenzo and I'm a computer science PhD student at University of Catania. I engaged this path some months ago and I would like to concentrate my efforts on research about video encoding, focusing especially on cloud gaming and video streaming.

My main project about this topic is remotia, a framework that aims to be a starting point for building cloud gaming servers and clients and a tool for researchers to evaluate their experiments about streaming of desktop contents and videogames. The source code is available on GitHub.

I work daily on improving the various components of the framework to be as much reusable and simple as possible. The project is far from being ready, but I would like to share it with the community to understand how much interest there may be for those topics, while receiving some feedback about other programmers who are much more experienced than me.

The repository is in very early stage, I didn't publish the crate yet as I'm still working on documenting most of the code and adding some tests. Redundant to say, any contribution and issue report is highly welcomed!

I will update this topic by improving the presentation of the project and adding more details little by little while I implement more features on the framework. In the process, I hope to receive as much feedback as possible from all of you. Regards!


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