Remote internships using Rust


Hi all.

First off, if this is the inappropiate place to ask for this, tell me and I can just delete the entire thread no problem :slight_smile:

Okay, so…
I’m a CS student, and I need to do an internship before I can graduate. I have no more courses left, so I have ~infinite time.

Thing is, I live in Chile, and however much I might like it here, there’s not much in terms of variety in CS related jobs. I would like to do my internship in areas that I like and am or want to specialize in, like Rust and innovation in algorithms or low-level systems.

Do you know of any place with remote internships that might be related to Rust?

Thanks in advance, and again sorry if I’ve invaded the limits of this space. Just tell me and I’ll remove it :bowing_man:t2:‍♂


Hey! This forum is for anything related to rust, so this is fine!
On the note of getting an internship, the Jobs tab in StackOverflow seems to change every few days, so you might be interested in checking there from time to time. A quick google search also seems to point to indeed that specifically points to an internship. I’m not too well versed in looking for an internship so I hope that I could help!


The rust subreddit also seems to have job/internship postings fairly regularly.