[Release] UNIC 0.5.0

We're happy to announce a new UNIC release! Version 0.5.0 of all components are now available: https://crates.io/search?q=unic

This is the first release on the new 6-week release schedule, which is what we have picked for the pre-1.0 development, allowing us to focus on expanding components and APIs, as well as revisiting the dev/build systems and using latest Rust features. You should expecting the next release, 0.6.0, about two weeks after rustc-1.20.0 release.

As always, looking forward to your comments and feedback. :slight_smile:

Release Highlights

New Contributors

  • Christopher Durham (@CAD97) , author of new unic-ucd-category component and the main force behind our migration from Python to Rust for data table generation.

  • Calum Forster, (@calum) who joined UNIC via the Call for Participation post on This Week in Rust.


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