[Release] rustzx 0.9.2 - ZX Spectrum emulator

Rustzx v0.9.2

I proud to announce the second release of rustzx ZX Spectrum emulator!
Watch this video showcase!

New features

  • ZX Spectrum 128K emulation
  • AY chip emulation
  • SDL migration
  • Kempston joystick emulation on keyboard (Arrow keys + Alt)


  • Win32 i686
    • Compiled with MinGW
    • SDL.dll provided in archive
  • Linux x86_64 tar
    • sdl2 must be installed
  • Source
    • Watch how to compile in README.md
    • sdl2 and its dev libs must be installed

Github release page: LINK
Repository: LINK


Oh, wow. Neat project. Thanks for sharing the video!