Release Announcement: Deluxe 0.1, a parser for proc macro attributes

I'm happy to announce the first release of a new crate deluxe containing some derive macros for proc macro attributes.

I wrote it after some difficulty trying to get a standardized way of validation working in some proc macros. The readme contains some examples and a link to the docs. It presents an alternative to the darling crate using a different design. Since this is the first public release, any feedback on the API design would be appreciated. Features include:

  • Simple main API, only 3 derive macros and 2 functions for core functionality
  • Supports most types in std and syn as fields with the built-in trait impls
  • Traits all use syn parsing and can be implemented as a simple wrapper around a syn::parse::Parse implementation
  • Includes many features with analogs in Serde, for advanced uses
  • Can emulate syn::Meta-style attributes or C#-style attributes
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I already liked darling but this seems even better. Thanks for sharing!

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