Reflection for business-type applications

Anything new about reflection in rust?

It's basically the only puzzle piece that I'm missing to create business-type applications in rust instead of other languages.

I am aware of the performance implications, but I can organize it such that I use reflection only at the top level of my architecture - thus gaining all the flexibility I need without having any reasonable performance hit.

It really is a showstopper for many of us, which is a shame, because I appreciate a lot rust's type system.

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Please don't resurrect years-old thread. Previous participants may not be interested with this topic any more, and in this case notify them would not be constructive.

In Rust, #[derive()] is the de facto way to implement features which are implemented with reflection in many other languages. Debug-print the types? #[derive(Debug)]. Serialize/deserialize the types? #[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)].


Hi, I have moved your post to a new thread. What are the kind of uses you need reflection for that you think are missing?


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