Reexporting macros


I currently have 7 crates in a workspace and they all share some dependencies. I want to create a new crate that just reexports the dependencies. I need a way to reexport macros.

I have seen that there is


And this works as expected, but I think it is going away and there now is


But how can I reexport macros just with #![feature(use_extern_macros)]?

This is currently how it looks

#![feature(macro_reexport, use_extern_macros)]
pub extern crate serde;
#[macro_reexport(Serialize, Deserialize)]
pub extern crate serde_derive;
#[macro_reexport(log, info, warn, error, debug)]
pub extern crate log;

But I can only use #![feature(use_extern_macros)] if I use #![feature(macro_reexport)]. Do I still have to rely on #![feature(macro_reexport)] or can I switch away from it and just use #![feature(use_extern_macros)]?