Redox Open Forum

I have been working on the public website, and have added a new forum for users to use at:

This is modeled after this forum and is completely open and allows anyone to sign up, unlike our mattermost chat.

I hope people who are interested will sign up and start posting.

There are also detailed kernel and libstd docs at

We have an ISO release (WIP) at


The ISO is a Linux image though - why is there no Redox image to just boot into?

Once installed, a compressed image even makes for a much smaller download @ 12MB

Redox cannot boot from a CD or USB yet, so the ISO must use Linux.

I have published compressed disk files here, in raw, VDI, and VMDK formats:

Do you have instructions for how to install from the ISO? What I tried was:

  1. Booting the ISO
  2. Running redox-install(er?)
  3. Rebooting into...something

I did get a shell prompt, but I'm pretty sure I missed a step.

If you are using VirtualBox, make sure you set up the Storage to be AHCI instead of IDE.

Then the steps are:

  • Boot the ISO
  • Run redox-installer
  • /dev/sda
  • y for the prompt
  • reboot
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