Redis-rs, ConnectionManager gives dangling connection


I have a problem with non-closing connection when use ConnectionManager. For example:

let mut redis = ConnectionManager::new(REDIS_CLIENT.clone()).await?;
let (tx, mut cancel) = mpsc::channel(1);
let task = tokio::task::spawn(async move {
    loop {
        let data = tokio::select! {
            data = redis.xread_options::<_, _, StreamReadReply>(mwi, &now, &opts) => data,
            _ = cancel.recv() => break,

When I send tx.send(()).await; , yeah, loop are breaking. But, future with redis.xread_options (from what I read) just suspends without releasing data. So, as a result, I got a dangling connection to Redis DB.
If xread get some data after abortion, connection will be closed.

P.S. Author of redis-rs doesn't answer: `tokio::select` with async ConnectionManager and channel for cancelation · Issue #553 · mitsuhiko/redis-rs · GitHub

I think I've seen a similar question before on this site. Unless you can find a way to explicitly kill the connection, there's nothing you can do besides waiting for the call to return.

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