Redis client with TLS and Client Certificate Auth

I would like to access redis server that uses TLS with Client Certificate auth. I can do that with Go. But when I try rust's redis-rs I do not see options to select client certificates. I also looked at TLSConfigurator and it seems rusts in general do not support Client Certificates on client side. Do I miss something?

What is TLSConfigurator? I can't find that in redis-rs.

On mobile, I couldn't find much in redis-rs about TLS client auth except this: redis::aio::async_std::AsyncStd - Rust

That has a variant with a TlsStream: async_native_tls::TlsStream - Rust

Which you can create using this: async_native_tls::TlsConnector - Rust

That being said, just looking at the docs I'm not sure where to go from there. Other Rust libraries I've used with TLS client auth will either provide some high level method to pass a client cert, or else a method that accepts some kind of lower level TLS config struct.

Looking at the GitHub Issues I think it seems like they are discussing how to allow you to do this, but the issue is still open: Allow more flexibility in configuring the TlsConnector used · Issue #463 · mitsuhiko/redis-rs · GitHub

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My bad! I was referring TlsConnector. That issue refers to lack of custom root certificates. But I am referring to lack of Client Certificate auth. Firstly I could not find Client Certificate support in TlsConnector but now I see it has it in TlsConnectorBuilder::identity method.

PS Seems like redis-rs has no Client Certificate support.

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