Recommended xz library for Rust?

  1. This is for reading/writing *.xz compressed files.

  2. I am aware of

  3. The to result, a crate named ‘xz’ seems rarely used.

  4. There is another crate, ‘xz2’, which seems far more popular.

  5. Anyone have recommendations / know what’s going on?


I have not used either, but:

  1. xz has one contributor, 34 commits, and has not been touched in 3 years
  2. xz2 has 18 contributors, 141 commits, last commit less than a month ago, and the owner of the repo has many other active repos and is well known in the rust community
  3. They both provide bindings to the same c lib (liblzma)

I know which one I would be using!


yeah, you will be writing your own crate called “xz3” :wink: