Recommended project to learning Rust?

Hi i read 3 documents from official rust homepage and now trying to find new source to learning rust.
I want to analyze some other’s rust project and learn from it.
Can you recommended me some good project to learning best practice of coding in rust or rust fitted project designing? (hope that is either not too hard or not too simple.)
Thanks for reading.

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Another good resource is the "Call for Participation" section of This Week in Rust.

You could check out the crate code for various crates used in cargo apps/utilities. For example, start with ripgrep and check the crate listing in Cargo.toml. Those in turn have other crate dependencies and so on...

Hey there,

New to Rust as well, just starting.

What helped me incredibly to learn a new language besides the official docs, playgrounds, etc. is:


It lets you solve coding puzzles and multiplayer coding games in all kind of programming languages.

They also have cool contests that can span a week with prices, etc.

Let me know your thoughts!

Ron :keyboard: