Recommendations on rustdoc comments for methods

When I have a method, should the first line of the documentation comment be a summary, or can I also directly start writing a long text? I assume the following is bad style?

/// This is `Foo`
/// Some longer text goes here.
trait Foo {
    /// Should this have a headline, or can I directly write a lot of text here
    /// because there is no overview on all of `Foo`'s methods, so it's not a
    /// problem if this text is looooooooong.
    fn foo(&self);


It is recommended to start with a summary as rustdoc will show the first line in places where only a single line fits like in module docs.

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But this currently this isn't the case for methods, right? I think rustfmt currently doesn't create an overview where there is only one line shown. (But I guess it could exist in future.)

Oh, I'm wrong. When I do a search, for example, it will only show one line.

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There are many recommendations and best practices here: How to write documentation - The rustdoc book

I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it would apply to every level (module, type, method, field, etc.), but apparently it does.

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